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Print and online marketing mediums have their place, but why be limited to communicating through words alone?

Video Mailer is a state-of-the art marketing and communications tool that uses uniquely tailored video to directly reach your audience.

From the outside, Video Mailer is presented as a hardcover brochure branded with your business’ logo and message. Open the cover and your service offering comes to life through engaging and fully customised video footage presented on a custom-sized LCD screen. 

This personal video experience takes your audience and customers on a unique journey into your business through a dynamic video presentation that can be custom-created by our production team.

With fully tailored moving imagery, text and menu options, Video Mailer has the power to streamline all your marketing material into one engaging message.


Property Industry

Video Mailer is empowering property industry professionals with an innovative and cost-effective tool that promotes property sales and listings using multi-channel messaging.

New and existing properties can be seamlessly uploaded, keeping your content fresh, up-to-date and engaging to audiences – offering them a virtual inspection of the properties listed. Video Mailer can also promote brand awareness and increase community marketing by highlighting local sponsors in print and video. 

Hospitality Venues

As an all-in-one marketing tool for restaurants, cafes and bars, Video Mailer brings venue information menus, wine matching, chef’s suggestions and even behind-the-scenes footage to your customers through the power of video.

Using existing or custom-shot footage and imagery, your venue’s unique story is brought to life and shared with your guests. Breakfast, lunch and dinner menus can be assigned to various menu navigation buttons that invite guests to explore and interact with your brand.

Sales & Marketing

What better way to showcase your prestige brand than with a prestige presentation? Brands like Mercedes Benz and BMW have been using Video Mailers in their showrooms and as gifts to customers in the Car industry in Europe for years now.

Create a sales tool, repurpose as a gift and you will turn your customer into a brand ambassador. With an 88% view-through rate for video compared with a 12% rate for non-personalized print, Video Mailer is the future of sales, today.

Create Your Video

Exclusive footage is vital in delivering your unique message, and Video Mailer’s video production service can create it for you.

By offering full High Definition production, editing, voice-over talent, retouching, soundtrack and titles – all your production needs are met through our fully customized and cost effective solutions.

Drive your brand even further by launching an independent video stream of your unique production to your very own YouTube Channel, or create a QR code that allows your audience to directly download your video. Enhance your social media power with video links for Facebook, Twitter or via email and extend your reach!

Bring our own material for refinement or ask us to create your full production from conception to completion through our range of affordable production solutions.

For a free demonstration, please call Craig in 0421 197 898 or to find out more please visit contact us or obtain a quote.

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About Us


Do you happen to remember that kid in school that loved old Italian zombie movies, knew every word of "The Godfather" by heart and could talk for hours about lenses and non-linear editing systems? We're that kid... on crack! The fact that we became seasoned industry professionals was just the next step.


We provide professional video production, shooting, editing and post-production across the full spectrum of media formats and channels. We pride ourselves in helping you look like that guy or girl who makes everything relevant and awesome to your viewing audience.

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