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September 6, 2013
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Video Mailers for Gibson Partners

A video production journey in the southern reaches of my backyard; Cronulla.

Video Mailers for Gibson Partners Closed Sydney

The Gibson Partners Real Estate have been operating in Cronulla, NSW, since 1999.

Like a lot of video work, this lead came to me as a word of mouth from one of my previous clients and while I had email contact with Ivan Lampret, principal agent and owner of Gibson Partners, it was exceedingly limited and gave me very little insight into the man himself.

I turned up for the first of two days of shooting and I shook his hand and with a big grin he said, “Mate, you have less hair than me!” My hand immediately went to my still present, although undoubtedly thin hair, in a kind of mute shock. He then laughed. It was that kind of infectious laugh that makes you realise at once that this guy is fair-dinkum, speaks his mind and we got along famously from there.

I work with quite a few real estate agents and while many of them have similar catch-phrases and the usual clichés, every agency is made up of people and that is what makes the story of each agency, and subsequently the story of each video, vastly different.

These videos ended up as a part of another video mailer package. Video Mailers are cardboard digipaks that contain a LCD screen that can play anywhere from one to ten videos. This particular Video Mailer was A5 in size and had a 4.3 inch video screen and three videos.

Rather than bore you with the aspects of the story as I saw it, why don’t you watch the videos and see for yourself.

Gibson Partners Experience“, Promotional Video by Entendre Productions

Gibson Partners Success Stories“, Promotional Video by Entendre Productions

Marketing at Gibson Partners“, Promotional Video by Entendre Productions

It was an absolute pleasure working with Ivan and his team and I would happily work with them again in the future.

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