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April 4, 2013
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Video and SEO; what businesses everywhere are missing out on.

Firstly, you might be asking, what is SEO and why should I care? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and you should care because without it your business is invisible.

Business owners everywhere have the same approach to their business and websites as Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams: Build it and they will come. This attitude may work in the movies but in business, particularly in the online sphere, if you build it… it will go unseen and unheard until you are in administration or dead.

These days everything is online and this causes a problem for consumers and businesses alike. Consumers want to find as much information as they can in the shortest amount of time possible. Which is why video is so important. Google recognizes this and therefore priorities sites with video in their search listings. It has been said that by 2014 your site won’t rank at all without a video on your homepage (Invodo, 2012).

YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. The reason for this is people know they will find what they’re looking for if they can watch a video.

I recently tried to build a Hackintosh computer, that is, a Macintosh computer that is built from PC parts. I went straight to YouTube and watched a professionally produced video (I skipped the home jobs) on how to complete my job.

An IT company from Germany that specializes in building custom Apple Macintosh and Hackintosh computers created the video. Now an obvious question is, why would they give away their IP rather than sell me a computer?

Well firstly, they are in Germany… I am in Australia. There was no way that I would give them my business normally. They are just two far away. But in watching the video I realized that there were some parts that I needed that I hadn’t bought and so I went right to their website and bought them!

Also, now that I see them as industry experts, if I decide to get a fleet of editing machines made, I’ll certainly consider giving them the work.

There are many areas this can comply to. The key is to add value and content to your website so it becomes a destination rather than just an online brochure.

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Have you had a similar experience with Video and SEO either as a business or as a customer?

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