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August 29, 2014
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Top 5 Areas To Use Video In Real Estate, Free eBook

Learn how to use video effectively in Real Estate!

I’ve just written my first eBook called, “The Top 5 Areas To Use Video In Real Estate.”

This eBook illustrates five different key areas you can use video to generate more leads, increase listings and sell properties more quickly. Furthermore, it also covers how you can use video to capture customer testimonials, and how to foster referral business.

In this eBook you will learn…

  • How to use video to build an expert brand.
  • How to make a pre-listing kit that converts.
  • How to sell properties quickly using video.
  • What property video options are there?
  • How to sell video to vendors.
  • Four different formats for capturing testimonials.
  • How to use video to nurture customer referrals.

Despite the fact that video production is a major part of modern retail marketing, many real estate agents only use video sparingly and often ineffectively.

I have worked with blue-chips and shoestring start-ups in their marketing campaigns and whilst the budget is different, the principles are the same; video can be used across all parts of the customer journey.


In this eBook I will explain why you should use video in these areas and I will give you practical ideas about how you can apply this to your brand.

As a bonus, on the last page of each edition, there is a special discount for those who like my eBook.

To get your copy, email [email protected]

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