Professional Real Estate Videos here on the Central Coast!

Take your real estate listings to the next level with our real estate videos which enable 24-hour inspections, increased enquiries and accelerate buying decisions.
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5 Reasons Why Real Estate Video Works On The Central Coast

1. 24/7 property viewings

Meaning that potential home buyers can peruse a listing their own sofa 24/7!

2. Real Estate Video adds ‘perceived value’

Add value to your property in the viewers mind with a well thought-out real estate video tour can actually.

3. Real Estate Videos show depth and scale

Photography is incapable of highlighting the scale and layout of a home.

4. Real Estate Video creates an ‘emotional bond’

The key to creating an attachment between the viewer and a property is to seduce them initially with visuals. Video far outweighs any other media in achieving this.

5. ‘Accelerate’ a buying decision with Real Estate Videos 

If a real estate video generates a few hundred views on YouTube, this is likely to prompt the viewer into making an offer sooner, for fear of missing out.



What People are saying about our Real Estate Videos.

“Thank you Entendre Productions for our real estate videos. The quality of the work was seamless. You were quick, efficient and professional from start to finish.” - Yvette Montgomery, Wiseberry Heritage

“I have used Craig from Entendre Productions for all my property videos for the last 18 months, the level of professionalism and quality of the finished product is the best I have seen. Not only do my buyers comment how much they love them, the vendors are thrilled to see their property presented this way.” - Stuart Davies, Ray White

“Entendre’s property videos have helped us sell more properties and attract more clients to our business. We have sold properties to interstate and international buyers as a direct result of them viewing the videos.” Ben Lawson, Lawson Estate Agents

“Craig is wonderful to deal with. He is approachable and professional but best of all he knows his craft.” - Gavin Schwebel, The Property Market


Free Property Video Upgrade!

  • When you order a 30 second or 60 second video, we will upgrade you to the 60 or 90 seconds for free!



About Us


Do you happen to remember that kid in school that loved old Italian zombie movies, knew every word of "The Godfather" by heart and could talk for hours about lenses and non-linear editing systems? We're that kid... on crack! The fact that we became seasoned industry professionals was just the next step.


We provide professional video production, shooting, editing and post-production across the full spectrum of media formats and channels. We pride ourselves in helping you look like that guy or girl who makes everything relevant and awesome to your viewing audience.

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