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January 8, 2013
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Quick Guide To Low Budget Movie Making (2013)

I saw the above image in one of my old hand-outs from Sydney Film School and I thought, yep, this is worth sharing. If someone knows where this image is originally from, please let me know.

Working in the Video Production industry in Sydney, Central Coast and all over Australia is a very rewarding experience. I enjoy all of my business activities from Music Videos to Training Videos, Promotional Videos to Event Videos and although there can be some tedium at times, there is a plethora of creativity to occupy the whole family.

That said, very few video producers start off in this game because we love training videos. The best producers, directors, editors, etc have a passion for visual storytelling; we love movies.

Don’t get me wrong, there is storytelling magic in all areas of video production (yes, even training videos) and if you are going to employ any video production business you should ensure that, like Entendre Productions, they love corporate video, motion graphics and advertising because they love how powerful, dynamic videos help any business explode (shameless plug). However, you also want to look for a video production business that loves movies, television and time-based art. This way your chosen team will stay on the cutting edge (pardon the cliche) of creative film and video production. No crash-zooms thank you!

This year, I look forward to working with my team, my friends and my film making family to one end; to take Entendre Productions to a new level of creative storytelling.

Love Projects in the works include;

  • “The Writer”, Short Drama
  • “Four Thirty Two”, Short Thriller
  • “Casual Encounters”, Short Comedy
  • “Sweaty Flesh”, Short Comedy
  • “All These Things”, Feature Documentry
  • “Biopornography”, Short Documentry
  • “The Iron Lion”, Feature Drama
  • …and all of the work we do for our amazing clients.

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Michael Antony PierceJune 22nd, 2013

The image is from “The Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook” by Genevieve Jolliffe and Chris Jones

Craig NewmanJune 27th, 2013

Hi Michael, thank you for letting me know! – Craig

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