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October 10, 2013
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Property Video for the recording studio “The Grove”

This video was a great deal of fun. This is the first video I have done for Karl Snopek from Ray White Coast Edge. Those who have worked with me in the past that whilst I do work to a schedule according to property video length, if you bring me something a bit quirky that will be fun, I tend to upgrade for free. Thus it was with this video where we mixed things up a bit and tried out some different techniques.

The Grove is a piece of paradise, a mecca of creativity and collaboration for singers, songwriters, musicians and bands alike. Nestled away on an elevated 25 acres in secluded bushland of Somersby, adjacent to Strickland State Forrest and overlooking the district all the way down to Brisbane Waters. At the time of this property video, I was in the process of moving my office from Niagara Park to Empire Bay so filming over three, 2 hour blocks wasn’t a problem.

The picturesque studios include fully self-contained on-site accommodations, making it an appealing destination for artists and producers to get away from the rat-race of Sydney city and spend quality time honing their creative skills and soaking up the rural atmosphere.

Property Video for the recording studio The Grove 1

Since my background is in filming car-crashes in slow motion, I got into the habit of wearing the unofficial uniform of steel-capped boots, long-sleeve work trousers or jeans and a long sleeve shirt. Anyone who has worked with a property photographer knows that they too have an unofficial uniform, albeit a rather different one of jeans or shorts, a polo top and lace-less shoes. The last time I tried to dress like a photographer and blend in a little more ended in disaster, in Cobbity, but I thought I would try again. And then there was the dam shot… standing in mud for 10 minutes… shoes were ruined! Good video though so it made up for it.

Property Video for the recording studio The Grove 3

The Grove possesses a uniquely intangible quality that will inspire your imagination. Perfect for extended families or communal living, The Grove can provide lodgings for 4 separate groups or families. In addition to the working studios it is complimented with 10 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and 4 kitchens across 4 separate abodes. Further to all of this are beautifully established lawns and gardens, swimming pool and spa, 2 large dams, loads of storage and bushwalking / riding trails.

Property Video for the recording studio The Grove 2

What an awesome opportunity to become a part of Australian history and walk in the footsteps of renowned artists such as Delta Goodrem, Eskimo Joe, Silverchair, the Whitlams, Darlene Zschech and INXS who have all recorded tracks here. Since the property was established by INXS, The Grove Studios have been expanded and refined to reach world-class standard.

You will see in the video, one of my lovely voice-over artists, Bella, agreed to be filmed in the grove studio and to be featured as a part of the video. It was something a bit different, like the extended use of RAW video, that worked well for this property. I tired another technique, as you can see in the first cut of the video below, but Karl and I agreed, it was a bit too busy for a real estate video. That said, I’m still happy with the technique and I will certainly use it again in the future.

Located 5 minutes from Gosford CBD and all amenities, only 1 hour north of Sydney. You are only here for one moment and it lasts exactly one lifetime. Do not miss your moment right here, right now.

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