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January 17, 2015
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Promotional Video for One Agency Anita Case & Tony Fitton

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Video Production on the Central Coast for One Agency

This video was really fun, and although we ran into some minor production problems, we are really happy with the end result.

One Agency Anita Case & Tony Fitton are a fantastic boutique real estate agency on the Central Coast, particularly the Avoca Beach & Copacabana areas. Anita, Tony, and the team are fun and very real, so we got along like a house on fire.

One Agency Anita Case & Tony Fitton

In our initial discussions, Anita made is very clear that she wanted a video that was fun, energetic and creative. Also, it was important that the video be different from the usual Real Estate promo video being produced by many other agencies around Sydney and the Central Coast.

So we created a a promotional video using entirely life-size stop-motion. We produced two cuts of the video, a 30 second cut for social media & advertising, and a 60 second cut for landing pages, pre-listing kit, and the agency website.

Beach HyperLapse_Beach HyperLapse 1 Clean Anita

The video consisted of two separate stop-motion elements; a hyper-lapse with the agents on Avoca Beach, and locked-off, time-lapse of large models of the letters O, N and, E from the One Agency Logo.

Any good video has a story, and in this video, we went with the story of the letters making a journey from all around Avoca Beach to come to the home of real estate: One Agency. The other key message for the video, is that when you list with One Agency, you are their number one… which was also revealed in the final shot.

One Agency Anita Case & Tony Fitton Promo Video

In order to easily create the stop-motion letters, we used a full body green morph suit. This way we could Chroma Key (“Green Screen”) and hide the person holding the bright orange styrofoam letters. As usual, rather than just charging into the field with an untested idea, we did a test photo at our office.

One Agency Promo Video Letters Shoot 1

However, after we did the first day of stop-motion filming, we discovered that we had a major problem. When we did our test, it was an overcast day… no shadows. It doesn’t matter if you can remove a person from a shot or not, if you can’t also remove their shadow. Needless to say, it looked a bit odd… partially as it felt like I had egg on my face.

So, time to think outside the box! We used rotoscoping and masks to remove the person from each frame, and found that our problem was solved.

As an interesting note, shooting out in public wearing a full-body green condom, holding a giant orange letter became a great viral marketing tool for One Agency as lots of people in the local area became afire with curiosity.


Overall, we are happy with this video and we look forward to our continued relationship with One Agency Anita Case & Tony Fitton.


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Rob LindsayApril 25th, 2015

Love this! Great concept and execution. It says the agency is fun and hip and a little bit on the edge.

Fun! How long did it take to roto and mask the shadows :(.

Did you figure a way to do it in the sun “next time”?

Craig NewmanMay 21st, 2015

Hi Rob. Thank you for your feedback!

I think that next time I’d make the “letters” or models heavier or able to be weighted. Even if they had a wooden base and bracing… it just needs to be able to stay up on it’s own.

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