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A product demonstration is not to be confused with a product presentation. Product presentation focus on the problem that your product or service solves.


Product demonstrations are the nuts and bolts of how your product does what it does. Highlight the features that differentiate it from that of your competitors.


If you are selling software; use screen capture software to walk through it. If you are selling a product, use a 3D model and cut-aways of a customer using the product.


These videos are typically used to influence a prospect who is relatively far along in the sales cycle. In technology marketing these videos would be targeted at the technical approvers who need to understand how something works.


In consumer marketing these would be targeted at buyers of larger ticket items who are further along the sales cycle.


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Do you happen to remember that kid in school that loved old Italian zombie movies, knew every word of "The Godfather" by heart and could talk for hours about lenses and non-linear editing systems? We're that kid... on crack! The fact that we became seasoned industry professionals was just the next step.


We provide professional video production, shooting, editing and post-production across the full spectrum of media formats and channels. We pride ourselves in helping you look like that guy or girl who makes everything relevant and awesome to your viewing audience.

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