Music Video Production in Sydney

You would like a music video that is a bit different from other bands or performers in Sydney? Then you want Entendre Productions. Music Videos are a powerful tool for getting your music heard, building your fan base and generating loyal fans.


Why Do You Need a Music Video?


Promoting a band is a hell of a lot easier than it used to be. Gone are the days when you absolutely must get signed or you were doomed to stay in the garage. The Internet allows for an easier and more convenient form of promotions. Getting your music to people was a lot more difficult before this.


For the majority potential clients, finding a band to perform at their party, gig or corporate event in Sydney is just way too much hassle. If they saw one of your fliers, they would have to call you and set up a meeting just to get their hands on one of your recordings. Usually, they would just go with someone they already know meaning that you didn’t stand a chance.


Now you can show off your awesomeness with ease.


Step one; get a website, fill it with videos.


In addition to audio, your website can also include video production of live performances and music videos. This will blow your clients away with your awesomeness. They get to see your value as performers, how much audiences love your music and if your image fits their event / venue.


Step two; become a media socialite.


If you are a band or solo artist and you are not using social media then… why?


No, really… why?


Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc, have changed the landscape of building a fan base forever. The secret to social media is having dynamic, entertaining content. If you feed your music videos, live recordings and behind the scenes videos to these social media sites then you will see a drastic boost in the turn out at your next gig.


Additionally, you will increase your referral network and it becomes more and more likely that a potential client will see your content.


Step three; pair your online media with your offline media.


Many people these days are so excited about step one and two that they forget that half the battle is offline. The only difference is that now, you can pair your online channels with your printed media.


The simplest way to achieve this is to print your website onto your fliers, business cards, etc.


You want to be sure your image is at its best.


No, really, you want to be sure your image is at its best. This is why you should hire professional camera crews and photographers. If your music video was filmed by your roommate using a camera phone, it’s going to cost you business.


Use professionals like the ones found here: (shameless plug.) We have the music video production experience to give your career the boost it needs.


To get a price on a music video or to find out more please contact us or obtain a quote.

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About Us


Do you happen to remember that kid in school that loved old Italian zombie movies, knew every word of "The Godfather" by heart and could talk for hours about lenses and non-linear editing systems? We're that kid... on crack! The fact that we became seasoned industry professionals was just the next step.


We provide professional video production, shooting, editing and post-production across the full spectrum of media formats and channels. We pride ourselves in helping you look like that guy or girl who makes everything relevant and awesome to your viewing audience.

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