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April 10, 2013
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Music Video “Naked” for Hold Your Own

“Naked” by Hold Your Own”, Music Video by Entendre Productions from Craig A Newman (Entendre) on Vimeo.

I’m really excited about this music video because whilst its not the first music video I have shot, it’s the one I’ve had the most fun with so far.

The video was shot down at an abandoned warehouse at Ourimbah, at night, for less than $1,000 including filming, editing and grading. So there are a few obvious challenges; shooting at night with limited power (generator), shooting in one night only (as to not piss-off the CityRail) and creating an interesting music video on such a low budget.

I became involved with this project via my friend Will Anlezark from Euphoria Films as the Assistant Director, Second Shooter, Gaffer, Grip, Visual Effect Director and Colourist. I honestly don’t think i’ve worn this many hats since film school, however, it was just as much fun as it was back in those days.

Video Production

Lighting wise we used two red-heads, one iColor4 and a softbox. The shooting was done with a two camera spread to save time and mostly on either a 50mm Prime or a 130mm Prime all handheld on Canon 5D mkIIs. Most of the shake was done in camera with a conscious effort to time it with the music.

Special Effects and Colour

After Will completed the editing, it came back to me for the Special Effects and Grading.

My attitude to all special effects should be that they are simple and elegant. In other words you want your audience to say “what special effects?” For example in this music video, almost all of the lens flares were added in post. I also used audio-to-keyframes to add additional wiggle (shake) to some of the shots that were filmed a bit too steady.

Next, since everything was filmed on 8-bit video, there were limited grading options. So rather than fighting the contrast, I used it as a stylistic feature creating a look that emulates mis-handled transparency film stock. The largest challenge I had was that the lead signer was badly sunburnt which called for some masking and localised grading.

Finally, the video music was originally intended for a 16:9 wide-screen finish but in order to enhance cinematic feeling of the video, the comp was cropped back to a 2.35:1 aspect ratio and the clips were all individually reframed. To view the 16:9 cut, click here.

Overall, this was a great project but I wish there had been more room for a bigger budget. Even a little bit more and we could have filmed some great b-roll like some ECU shots of a bird hatching, an actor holding a bird or even a shot with the whole space full of pidgins. Next time…

Special shout out to Will Anlezark for the great experience working together, great videography and editing.

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