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July 1, 2015
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The Mack Daddy List of Resources for Filmmakers

This post was sourced from Jeff Riegel.

“In this simple guide, I have linked all of the online resources I take advantage of to continually improve my craft and build my business. 

In Jiu Jitsu, which I have trained for years and years, there is a common thread between those that have success on the mat: No matter the results, they continue to train, undaunted, with little ego involved.

It is tough to even tell by their demeanor if they are tapped (submitted), or doing the tapping. That’s cause these special breeds know the important part is perfecting their game and progressing at their own pace. 

It’s these types that, in what seems like overnight, become killers on the mat. Whatever your craft is, the lesson is to ‘stay on the mat’. Keep at it, be persistent, and persevere.

“Remember, whether through failure or success, it is the experience that’s priceless.”

As a filmmaker, even when work is slow, I continue to write, shoot, and edit. Even if its just a few pages here and there. I have an entire file folder filled with terrible scripts and movie ideas. I just think, stay on the mat. The rest will take care of itself.

With that in mind, I put together a list of resources I use for myself, some free, some paid, but all invaluable in my book. I do not benefit from you using these links. This is not affiliate marketing, this is tried and true tested resources that have added value to my career.

While on the ‘digital mat’ as a filmmaker, here are the top resources I use to grow at my craft:


FXPHD – Online professional, vfx, production, and post training. A great resource to learn from real filmmakers who are currently in the field. An invaluable source of experience, information, and networking. – a great site for learning how a specific program works. This differs from FXPHD, in that the information is more geared toward how to technically use a program, rather then how to use it in the field.

Film Riot – the best, and funniest, tutorial site on the web for filmmakers from the mind of Ryan Connolly.

Greyscale Gorilla – in depth, intense post production tutorials, guidance, products, and inspiration.

Philip Bloom – If anyone is up to date on the latest cameras and technology, it’s Philip Bloom. This site/blog is a great resource for tips, tricks, and inspiration.

Video CoPilot – From products to plug ins to tutorials, video copilot has something every creative filmmaker can use &/or learn.

BAMMO – Similar to film riot, these are incredibly informative tutorials and updates delivered like classic comedy routines.

Indy Mogul - the first network for the YouTube generation of independent filmmakers, focusing on DIY effects, filmmaking tips, and showcasing creative work.



Nofilmschool – My favorite news site for filmmakers. Keeps me up to date with the rapid technology advances, as well as continuing to enlighten me with new and useful resources. In the information age, this site is a goldmine for filmmakers.

Hope for Film – a great opportunity for beginner filmmakers to seek and discuss insight of an industry professional.

IndieWire – Info on films and festivals, as well as reviews and blogs covering topics such as production, distribution, exhibition, and festival strategy.

Twitch Film – a central hub for the lovers of indie, international, and cult films.

Prolost – The filmmaking blog for Stu Maschwitz, the champion of accessible filmmaking.



John August – started his blog in 2003 and has expanded it into a wealth of information ranging from career advice to the state of the film industry itself. Many posts are inspired by reader-submitted questions, making it a great way for writers to get feedback from real working pros.

Go Into the Story – The screenwriting blog of ‘the Black List’, where moviemakers find scripts to make and scripts find people to make them.

Adobe Story – My favorite writing software currently out. I used to use Final Draft, but now prefer Story for many reasons.

Scripped – a Web-based software solution for screenwriters that allows you to format your scripts to industry standards without having to download software to your computer.



99u – Insights on making ideas happen. Behance’s blog is a preferred motivational tool for the soul.


ONLINE DISTRIBUTION: – Distribute your film online directly to your audience.

Distrify – Distrify turns film sharing into sales and your fans into a community.



These are the places I find all of the assets I use to create my projects:
  • Videohive – stock footage, motion graphics templates, dvd menus, and project files.
  • Istock – stock photos, vector illustrations, stock video and music tracks.
  • Video Blocks – subscription based site for stock footage with unlimited downloads.
  • Audio Jungle – my favorite place for royalty free music.
  • Revo Stock – Stock Video, After Effects Templates, Apple Motion Templates, Stock Music and Sound Effects to fuel your creative engine.
  • Digital Juice – Project, templates, animations, gear, accessories, products, music, stock footage, and more.
  • Max After – provides Highly Professional Royalty Free After Effects Templates.
  • CG Textures – the world’s largest free texture site.
  • Pond 5 – the world’s stock media marketplace.



Anytime I have a question, problem, or argument, I head straight to these forums to get the low down. It’s a great place to talk with people who have boatloads of experience in an area you might not, as well as build your network and credibility by wielding yours. Here are some of my favorite forums.



Stage 32 – a FREE social network for film, television, and theatre creatives.



Social Media Examiner – Your guide to the social media jungle. No matter what field you are in, knowing how to get attention on the web is essential to success today.

PRWeb Blog – Love their stats, concepts, and overall information provided. This site can really help you improve your digital content in any medium.



LinkedIn is a great way to ‘meet’ peers and clients, as well as cement your credibility. It’s also a great way to promote your business if done properly. One of the ‘proper’ ways is to find some quality groups and add value to the discussions. Here are some of the groups I have found useful. Be forewarned, many of them are members only. However, it is quite easy to apply and gain access if this is your field:



Twitter is what you make of it. To me, it’s a great source for information, both dispersing your own, and learning from others. Here are some of the top people I follow:

  • @entendrepro – Craig Newman from Entendre Productions
  • @ryanbkoo – Ryan Koo is the founder of NoFilmSchool. Need I say more.
  • @PhilipBloom – A phenomenal DP, and the leading camera expert and critic, he is legendary for his in depth reviews on new cameras and equipment.
  • @eMotionFilmsLtd – A small but productive stable of unrepresented independent screenwriters, filmmakers who are all about film.
  • @5tu – Stu Maschwitz, filmmaking nerd.
  • @filmriot – a video tutorial site with a comedic twist.



Here are some of the FB pages I find useful to like.



Digital media for the web has become its own realm. Instead of repeating some of the same film scribes listed above, I thought it better to link the channels that have created the path to success on YouTube. Here are some of the best at a ‘web series’ to enjoy, and learn from.



Here are the vimeo channels I find the best content for tips, tricks, & inspiration:

  • Vimeo FilmSchool – This is the free Film School of tutorials to make your film projects, from special effects, to the steadycam, lights, cranes, etc.
  • The Best Videos on Vimeo – this channel is self explanatory. Though it is not updated often, it still is a fine collection of incredible work in one place.
  • The Reels – for inspiration, this is the official demo reel channel for Vimeo.”


What Resources Do You Recommend?

With your collective input, we can create the ultimate online resource guide for everyone to take advantage of. I will continue to update this guide with your recommendations, as well as when new information becomes available.


Cheri HofferMarch 4th, 2013

Hey, thanks for the resources. Your timing couldn’t be more perfect for me in this new endeavor. I’m already seeing it’s going to be a looong night up checking it all out.

Craig NewmanMarch 4th, 2013

My pleasure Cheri. Any that I missed?

Wendy WoodhallMarch 6th, 2013

Great list! I would suggest a section for networking/user groups/organizations as they tend to be great resources for filmmakers of all levels.

My group the Los Angeles Post Production Group is free to join. If you live in the LA area you can take advantage of our monthly meetings but if you are in LA you can still take advantage of our national job and event listings, news, member discounts and more.

Best of luck with your resource list!

Tim MoshanskyMarch 6th, 2013

Hi Craig, the “A to Z Guide to Film Terms” is a pocket-sized glossary of over 800 terms and phrases used by film crew, directors and actors. Now in its 5th edition, the book has become known as “the bible” of film and TV terminology. If you don’t know what a honeywagon, magic hour, window shot, dingle, Alan Smithee, Abby Singer or 10-100 means, you better check it out!
Thanks for putting together this great website for filmmakers.

Craig NewmanMarch 7th, 2013

Does your book have a website? If you send me a copy, i’ll write a review for you on my blog with a link to your site. -Craig

Craig NewmanMarch 7th, 2013

Great idea! Send me the address of your networking group and I will do so.

Thulani MokoenaMarch 7th, 2013

Thanks a lot for the information and keep up the good work. I will also pass it on to some Film industry professionals I interact with in order for us to add a value of ideas from what you have already started and sharing and being so passionate and open about….

AramintaMarch 7th, 2013

Great list!

Maybe some equipment resources like B&H Photo

would be of use.


AramintaMarch 7th, 2013

Didn’t realize you guys were outside the U.S. I recognize it might be kind of tough to list useful equipment resources for a worldwide audience.

The Mack Daddy List of Resources for Filmmakers | Entendre Productions | Industry HappeningsMarch 13th, 2013

[...] The Mack Daddy List of Resources for Filmmakers | Entendre Productions. [...]

MassimilianoMarch 14th, 2013

Thanks for the list. There is always to learning.

GenaMarch 15th, 2013

Hey Thanks..If we don’t know..someone else does!

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