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January 22, 2015
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Lyric Video “Ain’t Gonna Live Forever” for Lakoudis

A Lyric Video is a great option way to get a quick and interesting video that you can launch before the official music video. This helps band and recording artists generate social media interest before the big launch.

Frank Lakoudis, fresh from his experience on the TV show The Voice was keen to get a live music video in time for his band’s single launch. The problem was, time was against them. So we created a fun and energetic lyric video, pictured above. This lyric video was created in time to coincide with the single launch and give them the social media boost they were after. We later worked with on a kick-ass play-through music video which only soft-launched last week.


I  created this lyric video for myself, and it was a lot of fun to produce. We have done quite a lot of motion graphic animation in the past, usually for corporate outfits, but I never tire at playing around with new creative ideas.

I also learnt a valuable lesson; if you are launching on YouTube, don’t use fine detail. The HD print of this lyric video is really clear, but it was only after I delivered the video to the band that I realised that a lot of people would be watching it at YouTube’s lower resolutions, which made that detail just turn into mess. Take that as a tip for your next lyric video.

That said, I really enjoyed working on this project, and I look forward to the lyric video project.

Another reason band and recording artists should look at creating a Lyric Video is to test the popularity of a song. If you think you have an awesome track, but you don’t want to invest the money to launch it as a single, with a great live music video, you can create a really interesting Lyric Video and test the response from the social media machine.

This lyric video is rather detailed, but they can be simpler, if you don’t have the budget, or more elaborate and creative if you, or your label, do have some cash to invest.

This actually brings up an interesting point i’d like to highlight; lyric videos are an investment. Like music videos, getting a lyric video is not like buying a sofa, but instead it is an investment in the marketing and hopeful success of your song. YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, and Facebook isn’t going away anytime soon. Investing $250 – $1K in a lyric video can make the difference between playing at Big Day Out, and busking on a street corner.

Please contact us if you are keen to get a Lyric Video for your song! 

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