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March 28, 2013
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Kickstarter: Take control of Editing with your iPhone or iPad

by Jeff Chow

Funded! This project successfully raised its funding goal on November 29.



“It’s not often something comes around that’s a game changer – this is one of those times.” – Rich Henrich, Writer, Producer, Director Film 4 Change

“Although it’s still a prototype, the application is hoping to sidestep the clunky keyboard shortcuts often needed to edit video, by using touchscreens instead. It brings the control right to your mobile device, while synced with the software on your computer.” – Eric Larson, Mashable Tech

“Wow, I WANT IT!” – Amy Marquis, Associate Editor at National Parks Conservation Association

“Technologist Jeff Chow is aiming to introduce a game-changing application into the non-linear video editing marketplace. As video editors, we’ve adapted to using keyboards (and shortcuts) to do our work. Jeff makes an interesting point saying that keyboards were meant for typing, not editing. The implications it could have on how we edit video are substantial.” – Danny Greer,

“Keyboards were designed for typing. Why do we use them for video editing?” 

CTRL+Console allows you to skip memorizing shortcuts and immediately start editing faster and easier in Final Cut Pro 7/X and Adobe Premiere.

The Consoles:

Video Transport Console for FCP & Premiere (iPhone/iPod/iPad) $5

Audio fader Console for FCP & Audition (iPhone/iPod/iPad) $5

Lightroom sorter (iPhone/iPod/iPad) $5

Lightroom Develop Console (iPad/iPad mini) $20

Video Editing Console for FCP & Premiere (iPad/iPad mini) $30


Designed for Final Cut Pro 7/X and Adobe Premiere Pro

Gestures for media-focused editing (See ‘Gestures’)

Full transport controls

Zero perceivable delay

Easy Wi-Fi connectivity to your laptop or desktop

More features than $3000 hardware editing consoles

Mac and Windows compatible

Fast and responsive.

Your trims, cuts, and dissolves all happen as fast as you can dream them up.


We’ve spent months on the layout designing it for intuitive editing and ease-of-use. Arranged by task, all the actions you need are right there at your fingertips. No, literally. You use your fingertips.

Forget shortcuts!

Remember CTRL+Console. Premiere and Final Cut each have nearly 20 pages of shortcuts. Skip constantly pulling up the shortcut list and wasting money on jelly overlays and dedicated keyboards that become useless with every software update. Get straight to editing with your iPhone and iPad.

The editing console for everyone.

Professional editing consoles cost from $3,000 – $20,000. For $35 you get the same control with features the console makers could only dream of!

Quick and easy connections.

iPhone and iPad connect over Wi-Fi to your computer. Works great at home, in your editing suite or on the go. Multiple connections allow you to use your iPhone and iPad simultaneously!

Gestures for video editing:

UX (user experience) is my top priority. As an editor myself, I know that keeping your eyes on the video is not just important, but THE POINT of a good interface. This is where gestures, haptic and audio feedback become important. Here’s where the pros can increase their editing speed and is largely where the funds go and why I am creating CTRL+Console.


Two-finger -> one finger slide = Jog

Two-finger slide left and right = Shuttle

Two-finger then tap L or R = Nudge

Two-finger tap = Play/Pause

Two-finger swipe L&R = Jump to cut

Three-finger swipe L&R = Beginning and end


Two-finger swipe down = In

Two-finger swipe down and hold = Clear In

Two-finger swipe up = Out

Two-finger swipe up and hold = Clear Out

Three-finger swipe down = Insert

Three-finger swipe down then up = Overwrite

One-finger swipe from top edge = Mark/Cue


Pinch to zoom = Zoom timeline

Slide from left edge = Select Source window

Slide from right edge = Select Timeline window

This way beginners get the intuitiveness of point and click, and pros get the speed and ergonomics from learning the gestures. Editor/comedian Jason Chong has been using BetterTouchTool to integrate gestures into his workflow. We are combining gestures with a touchscreen interface to make something truly special.

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Kenneth RiversMarch 30th, 2013

Looks awesome! I want to try this.

AndrewApril 1st, 2013

Do you plan to make a version that works with Avid?

Craig NewmanApril 2nd, 2013

Hi Andrew, it’s not my project! If it were then I would defiantly be working on a version for AVID and I would probably make an android version. I don’t think there are plans by CTRL+ to make an AVID version anytime soon but, here’s hoping!

CyberpaparaziApril 3rd, 2013

Hi, nice App. Hope they develope it soon for Android platform, I am not an Apple fun, sorry.

Steve HullfishApril 4th, 2013

I was a KIckstarter supporter of this project. When do we get the app and t-shirt?

Craig NewmanApril 4th, 2013

I think it’s at launch.

LashawnMay 1st, 2013

Terrific work! That is the type of info that should
be shared across the internet. Shame on the search engines for now not positioning this post upper!
Come on over and discuss with my web site .
Thanks =)

Craig NewmanMay 3rd, 2013

Hi Lashawn, I tired but it seems that your website is down. Let me know when it is back up, yeah?

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