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Craig Newman
June 10, 2013
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Film & Video Equipment Reviews

Jibophobia or how I learnt to stop worrying and love the one man jib!

I’m looking into a new one man Jib for our property video work and I came accross this video from Phillip Bloom. A classic as always, enjoy!

This video is a review of the Kessler Crane Pocket Jib Traveller by Phillip Bloom.

In looking at Jibs, it’s kind of a case of… why is one better than another? I’ve built my own 8 foot jib before and whilst being a little bulky for one person, it’s easy to use and easily the same as a Kessler Crane 8 Foot Jib in build quality.

In looking at this review, and the other 4-6 foot Jibs out there, I think that it’s a case of little things making the difference between a fantastic user experience or a stressful experience. For example, the locking mechanism on this Kessler Crane Jib with the little indents for extra support is a small, but pretty sexy feature. If you look at a cheaper system like the iFootage Mini Crane you can see that there is no vertical locking mechanism at all which, speaking from experience,  is a little awkward to use.

I’m hoping to have a hands-on look at the Pocket Jib Traveller for myself next week but no matter whcih system I invest in, I think i’ll try my hand at building one, just for fun.

I’ll keep you posted!

Please comment…

Do you have a particular one-man jib that you like? or do you have any advice on building a jib of my own?

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