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July 2, 2013
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Hitler finds out about Magic Lantern RAW (Warning Poor Language)


Hitler finds out about Magic Lantern RAW video for Canon DSLRs

I love this memes, but this one in particular left me in stitches.

For a little bit of background, Magic Lantern is a third-party firmware for Canon Digital SLR Cameras that adds a lot of the functionality that video production companies in Sydney, and all over the world, need.

In the beginning, this firmware allowed for basic video production functionality such as live audio levels, zebra lines, peaking and bit rate control. Later they started to add cool stuff like HDR video, an Intervalometer, Rack Focus and advanced HDR bracketing. However, despite all of their invervation to date, nothing has been as revolutionary as the latest Beta release; 14-bit RAW Video from the 5D Mark II & 5D Mark III.

I won’t go into the details of how Magic Lantern’s RAW works (i’ll be writing a blog about that soon) but I can’t help but comment on what it means for Videographers everywhere from Corporate Video Production & Music Videos to Documentaries and Short Films.

The professional camera market has always had a high entry price. Whilst in some ways this has been a good thing, keeping kids with laptops and a camcorder claiming to be a video producer and producing poor quality product for their clients, it has also limited many artists and professionals from getting a fair start in the industry. With this firmware, a $3K DSLR now has better RAW video than the Canon C500 which is going for a nice $23,000. Just like the Blackmagic Production Camera, The new Magic Lantern Hack this is bound to put more pressure than ever on camera manufactures to either lower their prices and effectively, lower overheads from Video Production companies and make profesional video production for affordable.

In summary, I’m excited to see innovation like this because it makes video production less about having the latest gear and more about the expertise and artistry of cinematographers everywhere.

Here is a video by Neumann Films that really shows off the Magic Lantern Cinema Camera 5D mkIII in all of it’s RAW glory!



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