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Craig Newman
April 2, 2013
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Gmail Blue: Best April Fools Day Video Prank this Year!

As many may know, Microsoft has admitted that it has an overall plan, code-named “Blue”, that is being used internally to describe their ideas for advancing its devices and services.

For April Fools’ Day today, Google decided to have a little fun with Microsoft with the “launch” of Gmail Blue.

Check out the video here:

The prank was just this awesome viral video but really, I would love to see Gmail Blue in action.

This is a great example of Viral Video Marketing. It’s fun with its tongue planted firmly in its check and whilst it is in reference to Google’s competition, it’s not derogatory but lighthearted.

If you want to find out more about how to do (or more accurately, what not to do) a viral video campaign please check out my earlier blog 5 Ways to Screw-Up Your Viral Video Advertising.

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What do you think of Google’s prank, Gmail Blue?


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