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September 10, 2013
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Filming the Bentons Real Estate Video Pre-listing Kit

An old and trusted establishment meets a new and vibrant marketing tool; video mailers.

Having lived in Lilyfield and Balmain, I always enjoy doing video production in the Inner-West of Sydney. There is something about that area that reminds me of my film school days; running around with a Bolex and 16mm film, a pouch of port-royal rolling tobacco and more energy drink running though my blood than any man should consume. The clash of  history, modern marketing and everything in between.

That is a great example for Bentons; a trusted real estate agency that has stood in Annandale’s historic Goodman’s Building since 1907… with a fresh, clean and progressive attitude towards real estate marketing.

Bentons-Real-Estate-Video-Pre-listing Kit Video Production Sydney

Introducing the Video Mailer. The video mailer is a A5 Video Brouchure with a TV screen inside. This particular Video Mailer for Bentons had a 4.3″ screen, 3 videos and 3 buttons but we have video brochures up to A4 size, with a 10″ screen and we have units that can hold up to 10 videos.

With regard to the filming, Terry, Shane and Tim are great guys who were an absolute join to film. It was like talking to the Magi of Inner-West real-estate; they have the experience and the wisdom to match.

As with a lot of the video mailers that have been created by me to date, there was a limited budget for the video production but I’m happy with what I achieved in budget.

Bentons ordered two batches of Video Mailers: Sales and Property management. So in watching these videos, you may see doubled up b-roll… just roll with it.

Here is one of the videos created for Bentons.

For more information on Video Mailers or Video Brochures in general, please call Craig Newman on 0421 197 898 directly.

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Craig NewmanApril 30th, 2014

A company from China has been using the images and video from this post to sell their goods. I did not use this company, I used an Australian business. Please disregard their emails. Thank you.

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