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May 10, 2012
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What works today and why? Corporate Video Production

The landscape of corporate video has changed drastically over the last few years, in particular, the use and application of corporate media.

The web, who is still quite young when you think about it, has truly started to come into its own with when it comes to multi-media. To quote One Market Media, “We’re moving inexorably from the text web to the ‘next web.’” Social media is pushing around Videos like they’re dealers at Woodstock.

No matter what happens with future one thing is axiomatic; if any business is to thrive online, they must embrace the power of corporate video production.

We’ve put together a chart to demonstrate some of the big changes that have taken occurred within the corporate video production world:


  Traditional approach What works today? What’s changed?
Focus of corporate video  Your business or product  Solving your customer’s problems  The main focus associated with video was previously just about promoting your own ‘brand ‘
Budget  Large  Small to Medium  Production costs have decreased and corporations are now being far more tactical with their use of video.
Access to videos  Tightly controlled by the sales team or marketing  Created with the express purpose of being shared… everywhere.  Social marketing isn’t a trend. People trust friends and colleagues considerably more than they trust corporations. 
Primary delivery
- Trade shows
– Meetings
– Sales Calls
Web, as well as other traditional method  Soon, everything will be ‘online’ – broadcast media, corporate communications, presentations, etc. 
Typical message delivery  Actor, presenter or professional voice-over  Real people saying real things  Your customer is more skeptical than ever. Actors still have a place in video, but nothing can replace the value of a real employee representing your company in your corporate video. 
Desired perception of a corporate video  Authoritative  Informative   ’Pizzazz’ isn’t what it used to be. Sounding helpful is better than sounding important. ‘Important’ is about you. ‘Helpful’ is really about the customer. 
Frequency of production  1 or 2 videos a year  10’s or even 100’s of videos  It used to be that marketing would set aside $50,000 for one video. Today it might make more sense to set aside $50,000 for ten or more videos. 
Scope of video production  Broad – a single video covered as much ground as possible  Narrow – video focuses on a specific audience with a targeted message  There will always be a place for large-scale video productions but the vast majority of videos will be targeted videos delivering a single message to a single audience. 
Where videos are found on a corporate website  In your ‘video’ section  Wherever customers need to view video on your site  No one comes to your site looking for a video (unless you are YouTube).  They come to your site looking to solve a business problem. 
Where videos should be found  On your website  Wherever your client happens to be: YouTube, a business portal, on their mobile phone, searching, etc.)  Your website isn’t the ‘destination’ you think it is. Creating content that can be viewed wherever your customer happens to be makes a lot of sense. 
Uses of Video  - TV Commercials
– Sales  Presentations
– Homepage of your website.
- Customer Testimonials
– Video Case studies
-  Product ‘explainer’ videos
– Product FAQ
– Event promotion
– Recruiting
– Viral Video
– Content marketing
– Infomercials
– Interactive video
– Branded entertainment
– Video press releases
– Community relations videos
– etc.
The number of uses of video continues to grow every day. 

A Special Thank you to Jim Foxx for his help inspiration and help writing this post.

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web video procuctionJuly 24th, 2012

Brilliant work every buddy can get lots of inspiring info, keep on posting this category of cheerful articles.

Craig NewmanJuly 28th, 2012


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