Corporate Video Production in Sydney

From training videos to customer testimonials we can deliver professional video production for Sydney that will engage your audience and bring your brand to life. Your customers and employees won’t know what hit them.


Customer Reference Videos

1. Video Customer Testimonials


Hearing your clients and customers explaining how your products and services helped them achieve their business goals in their natural habitat, Sydney, is one of the most powerful video productions a business can employ. These videos cost next to nothing to produce and are usually between 15 seconds to a minute long.

2. Video Success Stories


A Video Success Story is somewhat simular to a testimonial video but have the opportunity to allow greater depth. These one and two minute videos consist of an interview and can act as a powerful stand-alone marketing material or as a part of a promotional package like a video mailer are often grouped with other customer success stories. Imagine if everyone in Sydney started sharing telling everyone about how your product or service helped. Now imagine them telling all of Australia.

3. Video Case Studies


A Video Case Study is simular to your traditional printed case study: Problem, Solution, Benefit. The advantage of creating a case study as a video production is that you can tap into the emotional reservoir of your customers. Another benefit is that you can actually show examples of how your customers have reached their business goals rather then simply talking about the solutions. With a narrator and the voice of your customer and can run anywhere from two to five minutes.


4. Man-in-the-street Interviews


We’ve all seen videos like these. Also known as Vox Pops (short for Vox populi), these videos are great for promoting hype or showing the opinions of the general public. They can either be a genuine response form random people in the street or they can be staged but either way they lend the responses a sense of verisimilitude.


5. Customer Presentations


If one of your local clients or customers from Sydney is presenting at an event like a conference or trade show or even in your offices and is talking about your products or services this is a perfect opportunity to capture the presentation video to re-purpose on your website and intranet. The advantage of a video like this is in the “shareability”; when you post it not only will your followers look it up, but so will your customer’s followers.


Product and Service Promotion

6. Product Presentations


A product presentation is a great opportunity to show how your product (or service) solves a specify problem. Whether it is a business problem, a personal problem or economic problem that a potential customer may be experiencing, a product presentation will help your potential customers see your unique selling points and why your product kicks your competition’s arse. These videos are usually used early in the buying cycle and are particularly good if your product or service is in the introduction or growth stages of it’s lifecycle.


7. Product Demonstrations


A product demonstration is not to be confused with a product presentation. Product presentation focus on the problem that your product or service solves. Product demonstrations are the nuts and bolts of how your product does what it does. Highlight the features that differentiate it from that of your competitors. If you are selling software; use screen capture software to walk through it. If you are selling a product, use a 3D model and cut-aways of a customer using the product. These videos are typically used to influence a prospect who is relatively far along in the sales cycle. In technology marketing these videos would be targeted at the technical approvers who need to understand how something works. In consumer marketing these would be targeted at buyers of larger ticket items who are further along the sales cycle.

8. Product Reviews


Third parties produce product reviews by walking through your product and service and telling an audience what they think. For you as a business, there are several different ways in which you can use product reviews to your advantage. Firstly, you can assist your previous customers to produce a product review for their website. Additionally, in order to boost SEO and produce quality content for your website, you can review products that you sell, review products that you use as a part of your business model or even review your local café in Sydney. If you are offering consultation or “expert” service offering, product reviews can be practically helpful.


9. Visual Stories


Visual stories are short animations that use motion graphics and voice-over to give a quick summary of your product or explain complexities in a simple manner. These videos can be used in email marketing and built into landing pages to hook your potential client.

Traditional Corporate Video

10. Corporate Overview


A corporate overview is simular to a company brochure; who are you, what’s your brand’s history, what do you do and who does it. Many people see these videos as old hat but a short corporate overview is an important part of video bundles such as video mailers or pre-sell kits for realtors. If you pair a one to two minute corporate overview with a QR code on your business card, then not only does your potential client have your contact, but they have the opportunity to know you better. You can go from a name on a card, to an expert without you having to even meet the potential client.

11. Executive Presentations


Whether you are preparing for a quarterly update, responding to a major event in your industry or making a regularly scheduled presentation there is great value in presenting the “face” and “voice” of your leadership team to all of your constituents.


12. Staff Presentations


With the advent of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, how do you best reach your target audience? Your customers are everyday people like you and your employees. What better way to create a personalable face for your business in Sydney then to showcase the people that drive the day-to-day operations of your company? Customer service representatives, technical experts and legacy workers are all valuable considerations for this new category of corporate video. Surveys show that there is more trust associated with these employees than with senior management. When you are selling to influences in organizations (versus economic buyers or decision makers) it is especially important you represent your company with people that your customers and prospects can relate to.


13. Corporate facilities or equipment tour


Where in Sydney are you? I’m sure that your potential customers have driven past your office a million times without realising the treasures hidden within. Why don’t you use video to show off your showroom, offices, factory, etc? This way, when they next drive past, your target audience will feel more comfortable to drop in and say hello, maybe even spend a few thousand dollars…


Support and training video

14. Training video


Training videos are a cost effective way to train your staff, resellers or customers and with advances in the psychology, we can create training videos that won’t put those viewing it to sleep. Rather then producing one long training video, here at Entendre Productions we create an e-learning system which uses video production and web-apps to create a series of short training videos, summary slides and interactive questionaries to ensure maximum information retention. Training videos were amongst the first uses video production and it continues to be one of the best uses of video.

15. Overnight expert videos (Sales Support)


If you serve a large geographic area or sell through channels then it is well worth the effort to put together short ‘overnight expert’ sales support videos that highlight the key selling points, features, benefits, objection handling and follow-up issues to consider by your direct or channel sales force.


16. Just-in-time learning


Contextual training videos are becoming very popular on the web. ‘How-to’ videos, video manuals, on-site video reference, quick assembly demos, and other types of video are being used to supplement or replace traditional training. Mobile video will increase the popularity of this type of video.


17. Post sale support and maintenance videos


When was the last time you read a manual? Exactly. You can save thousands of dollars of post sale support by creating informative assembly, installation and maintenance videos for your products and services.


Internal Communications

18. Internal Communications


In larger companies few people have the time or interest to understand what other groups or functions within the company do or even why they exist. Internal videos that highlight business plans, new business activities and achievements can improve knowledge transfer and lead to more effective communications. Let other people in the larger company know what’s happening in the Sydney branch.


19. Event/Conference and Trade Show Communications.


Frequently businesses spend a great deal of their marketing budget on attending and participating in industry events, such as conferences or tradeshows. Unfortunately, only a handful of your workforce can benefit from these experiences. Why not get more for your money and share the knowledge gained at these events by capturing the presentation, demos, interviews, commentaries etc. on video.


20. Employee orientation


Employee orientation videos are a great way to get new staff up to speed. Company history, structure, procedures, policies and codes of behaviour can all be communicated effectively with video and with a greater retention then an employee handbook.


21. Workplace Health & Safety


Formally known as occupation, health and safety, WHS compliance is becoming increasingly costly and irritating for businesses in Sydney. A series of short Workplace Health and Safety videos is a great way to reduce that cost by ensuring that you employees know their rights and responsibilities.


Advertising, marketing and promotion

22. Commercials


When people think of commercials, their minds often jump to TV ads, those annoying things that people mute until their program comes back on. However, in the modern age of online distribution, there are more opportunities in Sydney to leverage a 30 second commercial then ever before. YouTube advertisements, dynamic banners with inbuilt video, email marketing, QR codes… the list goes on. A proliferation of video screens cropping up on every building, device and structure will create an even more diverse set of advertising opportunities. Let’s work together to create an engaging commercial for the television screen, and beyond.


23. Viral Video


A video is viral if it is so compelling that people want to share it. (Calling a video ‘Viral’ doesn’t make it so). Viral videos have to be extremely engaging, entertaining, shocking or meaningful to be successful. Unfortunately some of the most successful viral videos have little connection (and therefore value) to any brand. (Everyone references ‘Will it Blend’ but very few viral videos are remotely this successful in actually driving sales.) Check out two of my blogs Online video; how has it changed and how to get the most from it? and 5 Ways to Screw-Up Your Viral Video Advertising .


24. Email Video


Testing has shown that open rates can double if you include video in your email marketing activities. To be effective the video should be purpose-built to elicit a specific conversion activity such as requesting a demo, more info etc. Please check out our blog Revive Your Email Campaign: Add Video



25. Infomercials


Infomercials have been around forever. While they continue to be the primary focus of web-based parody videos they have remained remarkably resilient over time. The shopping channel is, in effect, a 24 hour infomercial. If done well, Infomercials can be very effective at selling certain consumer products.


26.  Content Marketing


Content marketing videos are becoming more and more important in the modern marketing mix. These videos are focusing on solving your customer’s problems first and then associating your brand with those solutions. Traditionally people use video to “sell” their product but physiological studies have shown that it is far more effective to create an expert brand. If you are a hardware in Sydney for example, you could create a series of home renovation or DIY project videos. They could range from a 15 second video showing a tip for sanding a deck or a 15 minute video showing how to build a wishing well. These videos become an effective reference tools to show in store but more importantly your customers associate your brand with tremendous value and potential customers in Sydney will see your brand as experts in your field.


27. Landing pages and micro sites


Video is beginning to replace or supplement text and graphics as a content element on many corporate websites.


Text is boring. Even now, I bet you are wishing that you could just press play and enjoy our video production skills at work BUT we all know that you need copy to get the SEO ranking you require… right? Sorry, but no. Whilst copy is still important to search engines, video is starting to affect rankings. It has even been said that if you don’t have a video on your homepage, by 2015 it will be impossible to rank on page one of Google!


Landing pages can offer a more compelling call to action with video. Some micro sites on larger web properties are self-contained, purpose-built conversion machines that have the singular purpose of generating a conversion activity. Video is becoming an important part of the conversion process.


PR Support and Community Relations

28. Video Press Releases


The standard four paragraph press release is now being supplemented with video and rich media to tell a more engaging story. In Sydney, Video is now being purpose-built to directly support the important company announcements. The new challenge for press releases is to change the focus from the company to the customer.


29.  PR Support Materials


Make it easy for television networks, bloggers, news gathers and others to promote your business and your products or services in Sydney. Smart companies are developing video support catalogues of company and industry related materials and offering them to news and business portals. The demand for video is everywhere. You are far more likely to get that public news story or much coverted dofollow link from a highly pageranked website if you do the work for them. If a news agency (online or broadcast) is looking for stock footage to use in a story it might as well be yours.


30. Community Relations Video


If your company is out working in the community, being good corporate citizens, helping the environment or contributing to important causes you should be capturing those efforts on video. Show the world what you are doing, don’t just talk about it.


Event Video

31. Event Presentation video


Any event that you hold is a fantastic opportunity to capture fantastic video content whether it’s customer facing videos for your website and social media or internal videos to enrich your staff. Most businesses in Sydney only send their top sales people, your corporate executives, industry experts and other influential stakeholders and subsequently these events are often under leveraged. If you’re employees are just attending an event, get them to film it on their camera or phone and send it to us for a nice edit. If you are presenting then you should film this valuable content for all of your future video production.


32. Round table Sessions


This content will be the most valuable video production content you could ever capture. Take the opportunity at an event to round up four to six of your best customers and other industry experts, put them in room and video tape them talking about industry trends, business issues and the future of your industry.

33. Q&A Expert sessions.


A great way to generate content for you business in Sydney is to take event participants from your business or even the speakers at the event and lead them though an information Q&A session on areas that your customer base would be interested in.


Other Uses of Video

34. Recruitment Videos


We all know that finding the right employee is a pain in the arse. One wrong word in your ad can lead to the wrong people applying. Additionally, often the best possible employee from Sydney are already employed elsewhere and they are just browsing available jobs. Video Production can solve these problems by bringing the listing to life. Recruitment videos that feature company employees, highlight corporate culture and promote the direction of the company can be very influential and help you get the right person for your role.


35. VLOG (Video Blog)


Video Blogs are a great use of video production because it can give you business a personal voice in Sydney. With the help of Entendre Productions, we can set you up with an easy video blogging system that we can then cut together for you in a brand compliant template. This way, each of your videos will be constant, professional and all you. We offer two separate options for vbloggers; Total VCall and DIY VBlog. In Total VCall we work with you to produce your first ten blogs, from production right though to print and Sydney targeted social media. Once you are set up, we let you take care of the production and we will continue to take care of the editing, hosting an posting. The other option is for those who want to produce constant, simple blogs and don’t require a lot of complex editing but don’t want to have the hassle of learning to use editing software. With a DIY Vblog we will set you up with a professional template on our online, cloud-based editing service so that you can produce as many, vlogs as you want.


36. In Store Video


Creating an in store, customer-facing video is a great way to maximise a customer’s experience. Whether you do as MacDonalds has done and have your own profitable in-store TV network or if it is just an animated loop on a TV, you can use video production to make your shoppers in Sydney aware of new promotions. You also have the opportunity to tell your customers about your community involvement, showcase your brand or make money by promoting other complimentary good and services from your partners.

37. Company Lobby / Waiting Room Video


HD video screens are popping up everywhere – why not in your lobby or reception in Sydney where you can get a jump-start on first impressions and also take advantage of a captive audience.


38. Mobile Video


Mobile video is the largest thing to hit video production since broadcast television. At the moment the few businesses in Sydney that are using mobile video are just reworking any video material the have and just pushing it out on mobile devices. The best use of mobile video is the create 5 – 15 second videos that are targeted at a specific message that are part of geo-located and promotions.


39. Market research, focus groups and polling


Market research firms are now capturing the anecdotal feedback along with the raw statistics of their research. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video of your customer describing her likes and dislikes of your new product is priceless. Go to YouTube to see how people are describing your products and services.


40. Website FAQ Video


In certain formats video can be a suitable replacement for text where an authoritative voice, support materials or other visual references are required. A list of FAQ’s answered by a company expert is an example.


41. Video White paper


Video white papers have evolved over the last years from basically a person reading a white paper on camera (what’s the point) to a professional delivery that is accompanied by charts, graphs and other visual references to make the presentation more valuable.


42. Video Magazine


Some video production companies specialize in helping companies deliver serialized video content to their customers. Like the name implies video content is created on a regular basis (usually monthly) that customers and prospects can view through a subscription service.


For more information on any of the above uses of video production please contact us or obtain a quote.

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