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June 25, 2012
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Capturing perfect audio from your speeches at your event.

Capturing the audio from the speeches can be tricky; many people are inexperienced and less-then-confident when it comes to using a microphone. So here are some tips to achieve the best possible outcome for recording the speeches at your event.

The ideal scenario is to use a lectern with a microphone arm attached.

The Lectern:

  • Keeps the speaker standing in one place.
  • It gives them something to do with their hands – hold onto it.
  • It gives them somewhere to put their notes if they use them; this looks better than waving them around whilst they are being filmed and it lessens the chance of paper crackling sounds being picked up by the microphone.

The Mic:

It is best to have a fixed microphone attached to the lectern. Handheld microphones are a real problem when we are recording audio; most people do not know how to use them properly. Faults that can occur are:

  • Putting the microphone too close to their mouth causing distortion.
  • Putting the microphone too close to their mouth and getting spitting noises during their speech as they breath too close to it.
  • Variations in distance between the microphone and the speaker’s mouth may cause extreme variations
  • Knocking the microphone against an object

If the microphone is attached to the lectern, people stand still and speak to it. This allows us to get the levels correct for the entire speech and ultimately perfect sound for your video.

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Do you have any horror stories from recording sound at your event?

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