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April 12, 2013
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A Game Changer: Blackmagic Design Super-35 4K Camera

Here at Entendre we were so excited in June 2012 about the Blackmagic Cinema Camera that we wrote a post about it. The new Blackmagic Design Super-35 4K Camera however makes the previous model seem like a Bolex!

Very rarely is the sequel better than the original. Terminator 2 was better than T1 granted, but usually sequels bite the proverbial. I’m happy to say that the new camera from Blackmagic Design is here and it’s kicking arse. Hasta la vista, baby.

The new camera from Blackmagic Design, called the Blackmagic Production Camera (they’re not terribly creative with their names are they?) is most defiantly a game changer.

Build on the same solid aluminum body as it’s predecessor, this tiny 6 x 11 x 12cm unit has a Super-35 image sensor, built-in SSD recorder and support for EF lenses. Additionally, the new Blackmagic Production Camera has a global shutter, ie, it captures the entire frame at the same moment, rather than reading the sensor one line at a time – avoiding the distorted verticals that can occur with fast-moving subjects or whip pans.

The camera features a the built-in 5-inch touchscreen display, and will shoot in 12-bit RAW uncompressed (making it ideal for those post-production touch-ups). You can also choose to shoot in Apple ProRes (HQ), if you want high quality, but much smaller files sizes.

If you need a live view, it’s designed to output a 4K feed over a single cable using 6G-SDI, an industry standard interface which is four times faster than HD-SDI.

The camera comes with the new DaVinci Resolve, which is widely used in Hollywood post production facilities for feature and TV work. Also, a new editing tool within the software allows for the online finishing of edits begun in editing tools like Media Composer, Premiere Pro and Final Cut and then for the generation of a Digital Cinema Packages directly from the camera RAW files.

All this for only $3,995… is it still considered poor form to swear in a blog?

The fact is that despite the crappy battery life and the lack of over-cranking, this camera is a massive game changer. Let’s hope that RED, Sony and Canon have a serious look at their pricing.

I’ve written to Blackmagic in the hopes of getting my hands on the camera for review. I’ll keep you posted!

To see the manufacture’s product page click here: Blackmagic Production Camera

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