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February 20, 2013
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Actors Agreement or Contract (Including Template)

Whether you are doing a Television Commercial, Corporate Video Production, Music Video or Creative Film Production, you need to have an Actor’s Agreement.

When I was just staring in the industry I involved myself as a Gaffer in an independent feature film, which for reason which will become apparent, will not be named. This film was truly independent, no funding or backing other than the credit cards of those involved. Because everyone were friends and had acted ort worked together professionally at some point or another, not one piece of paper got signed.

To say it was unpleasant would be an understatement. This film was a study in how not to make a film. Actors constantly showed up late. One actor decided to get a hair cut midway though filming. The initial 1st AD left 1 week before shooting and the cinematographer walked off set 2 weeks into shooting. Inevitably, the production fell apart. That however, was not the end of the problems. Producers went bankrupt, actors went unpaid and everyone involved was left heartbroken.

One of the many lessons I learnt from this experience was that you must get the production bible written. An Actor’s agreement is one part of that.

Please find at the bottom of the page a copy of an Actors that I use on my love projects.

As a disclaimer, at some point I adapted this from a template I got some something else… but I can’t remember what is was so, sorry to them.


The copyright in and to the sample contracts herein is owned and retained by the originator of the work (“the Owner”). These sample contracts and documents have been created for your general information only. The Owner, the authors, and the publishers cannot therefore be held responsible for any losses or claims howsoever arising from any use or reproduction. Nothing in this document should be construed as legal advice. The information provided and the sample contract and documents are not a substitute for consulting with an experienced entertainment lawyer and receiving counsel based on the facts and circumstances of a particular transaction. Furthermore case law and statutes and Australian and International law and industry practise are subject to change, and differ from country to country.

 This contract has been compiled by solicitors who wish to emphasise that these notes and agreements are not a substitute for specific legal advice and are designed for very general guidance only. 

Want to preview of what is in the agreement? An HTML Copy can be found here.

Actors Agreement or Contract
Actors Agreement or Contract
Version: 1
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DaveFebruary 25th, 2013

It looks pretty comprehensive but there are two things I wonder about. (1) Do you understand everything in the contract to be able to explain it to someone if they have questions? (2) I saw written in the disclaimer, “statutes and Australian and International law and industry practise are subject to change.” If this is an Australian contract, are there clauses that don’t hold in other countries?

Craig NewmanFebruary 26th, 2013

Hello Dave, to answer your questions: (1) No, I’m not a lawyer and subsequently I don’t understand everything. It has protected my butt in the past and although I could give a preliminary run down of the different clauses, I would not be able to go into the legalities in depth. (2) Yes, there are. Australian and British Media Law are quite similar but American Media Laws are very different. I don’t know about other countries but with I imagine there would be local differences that should be taken into account.

Sally MaeJune 5th, 2013

Very helpful. Thanks.

Craig NewmanJune 7th, 2013

Thank you.

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