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April 9, 2013
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A to Z Guide to Film Terms (Review)

A to Z Guide to Film Terms by Tim Moshansky

If you are new to the industry, a film student or just want to be to able wax grandiloquent with your filmmaking vernacular, then Tim’s book, A to Z Guide to Film Terms, is a great buy.

When I first got this little book I was struck by how small it was. As you can see from the above image, it’s not that much taller then my old Tamron 35-80mm any only about a pinky’s width.

Despite it’s size, it’s full of practical information. Everything from “A/B roll” to “Walkie Check”, this guide is a veritable feast of film terms and descriptions. Working in the Australian film industry, many of these terms we don’t use over here but on a whole, there were more terms I knew then terms I didn’t.

To add to the book’s usefulness, it has a legend at the beginning:

The book also features a few pictures, which are handy:

The reason this book works is that it was written by someone who was in the industry for 25 years and at a price point of about $17 including postage, it’s a steal.

Overall, I think that this is a handy book for any filmy, particularly if you are starting out in this game. I’ve put it on the shelf with the classics.

The A to Z Guide to Film Terms is the handiest damn book I have on my shelf! An invaluable guide and resource for the professional or novice. It’s fun, factual and small enough to use for a coaster…

- Neil LaBute, Writer Director, In the Company of Men, Nurse Betty and Wicker Man

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