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June 7, 2014
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Real Quick Video: A Great Solution for Property Marketing in Winter

On Friday I wrote an article on 5 Reasons why winter is a great time to sell your property over at which dispelled the myth that winter is a poor time to sell your home. Now, I would like to introduce a video solution that is perfect for selling properties in winter.

If you want to read the article, please do, but in summary, the Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle property markets are currently under a “sellers market”, according to the Commonwealth Bank-RP Data Home Buyers Index (HBI), but if you wait until spring, you will have to compete with every other property owner who is waiting for spring. There is even speculation that the hot property market that we saw last spring may never be repeated. To add to that, there are many properties that are uniquely suited to “cold weather“, such as mountain cottages, that can sell better in winter.

You don’t love your home for only three months of the year so why should you hide your home from the market?

Another belief about selling in winter is that you can’t capture the best aspects of the home in your photography and property video due to the winter weather. This… is also  a myth.

Property photographers, such as my friends over at, can use virtual staging and retouching to take photos of a dreary day, and make them pop as if they were taken in the hight of spring.

There are still limitations with what can be done with video. A cleaver video producer will work with the property to create a good real estate video no matter what the weather is like. That said, it is almost impossible for the video editor to make the video look like it was shot in spring, unlike professional photography.

So the challenge that agents and vendors have is this: how can I harness the power of video in winter property marketing?

The solution: Real Quick Video.

Real Quick Video

Real Quick Video uses your professional images along with motion clouds, Ken-Burns effect and maps, to create a short, low price, engaging video.

You have already captured the photos… why not spend a little bit extra so you can grab buyers attention, increase inspections and lead to quicker purchases?

Here are some samples of real quick video in action:

30-90 Second Video With Text

30-90 Second Video With Voice-over

Real Quick Video is a product that is available only to iMAGECLOUD Members, such as Entendre Productions but there are other, similar solutions out there.

If I may go into “sales mode” for a moment here, some of the reasons that Real Quick Video is better than other products out there are:

  • Integrated Maps. The map animation that you saw in the videos above is not present in many of the similar video products.
  • Custom agency graphics. Many of the other solutions do not let you use your own motion graphics or force you to use your logo in preset graphic templates. With real quick video, you can control the branding.
  • Sky replacement. To add polish to the videos, the sky is replaced in any external shots to add additional animation.

The best part is that it is far quicker than a traditional property video and it is at a very competitive price.

If you are interested in finding out more about Real Quick Video, please contact me, Craig Newman, on 0421 197 898 or ask your local iMAGECLOUD Member.

Please comment…

How do you plan to use video this winter?

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