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July 16, 2013
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5 Reasons Your Company Should Create a Community Relations Video

Many business in Sydney still consider community relations to be a feel good exercise that is somewhat peripheral to “proper business.” However, most blue chip companies recognise that good standing in the community is vital to building a strong, enduring brand. Despite this, it is surprising  few companies utilise video production to get the most bang-for-their-buck from their community relations activities.

A community relation video is usually a montage of footage from different activities but it can vary widely in structure from a motion slideshow of images with titles, a voiceover driven video or even an on-camera appearance from an executive talking about how great it is to support the community. Companies can also create shorter videos about one particular project. For example, if your Company supports a local charity, it can be a great idea to get the director of this charity on camera, extolling the virtues of your Brand.

One of the best examples of a community relations video is Apple with their “Apple in Education” program; To summarise the project, Apple assisted a school outside of Manchester in the UK, that was ear-marked for closure. The video is a great example of a Community Relations Video as it pushes all the right buttons; it shows off their products and services, shows how Apple’s involvement lead to community transformation and it leaves the viewer feeling inspired.

Here are 5 reasons why your company should create Community relations videos:

1. Community relations videos generate positive emotion.

I think it was said best in Christopher Nolan’s Film, Inception: “Positive emotion trumps negative emotion every time. We yearn for people to be reconciled. We need positive emotional logic.”

Emotion drives logic and one of the reasons Blue Chip Companies have community programs is to generate as much positive emotion as they can so that the Brand will survive any negative emotion caused by customer complaints or heaven forbid, a scandal. Communities will more likely support you on issues such as migrant recruitment and environmental impacts when they know and understand your brand.  This goes way beyond your product or service’s features and benefits to the deep emotional drivers behind the public’s decisions. People are attracted to a business that has a good standing in the community.

Customer Relations Videos will broadcast these positive emotions to a wider network of potential customers. If one branch of your Company sponsors a local football team, then a video should be produced. Why? Firstly, you can create a local press release with the video and screen-grabs. You are far more likely to get published online or in print if your company provides rich media, particularly video. Next, the football club will post it out using social media. The players will share it. Mums & Dads will share it. Grandparents and distant relatives will share it. Friends of the family will share it. If this was a sixty-second video created by us, then for around $650 you have potentially reached hundreds or possibly even thousands of potential customers.

2. Turn one day into an infinite source of branding.

If your public relations team puts on a special event or partners with a community group that is putting on an event then this is the perfect opportunity to create some really dynamic branded video production. The conference may only run for a few days but the internet is always running. Produce a 1-2 minute video showing off the event and post online. This way if someone is looking up that event, there is a good chance they will watch your video and see your brand in action.

3. Help boost productivity and employee satisfaction.

Good people with strong work ethics like to work for businesses that show high values, the people you want will be more interested in you. Also, people tend to stay longer in jobs where they can feel pride in the place that they work. People are happier at work when they feel part of something that is of value to their community. This can help to reduce absenteeism and increase productivity.

However, in order for your work force to benefit from these community activities they must first know about it! Community Relations Videos can be shared as an internal communications video via your intranet or an email video to your employees. This way the good work done by your branch in Balmain can be shared with every person in the company, country-wide, to help create a “feel good” corporate culture.

4. New business opportunities.

Business executives know better than anyone, there is no such thing as your work life and personal life but rather a just one life that is constantly being balanced by different experiences and people. Although, I can’t give details, I know a local franchise owner who has a daughter that suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. After seeing a video from a company that supports MS, he researched their products and services and now, one year later, that business now exclusively supports not just his franchise but the company all around Australia. While we rarely hear these stories, they happen all the time.

5. The investors will feel as if they are giving back to the community.

When trying to attract investors many companies now realise that it’s not just about the dollars and cents; investors want to be a part of the journey. Send a copy of the Customer Relations Video to your shareholders and let them know that they too, are making the world a better place.

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