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February 22, 2012
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5 Mindsets that limit Creative Video Production #4

#4 – That will cost how much…?

Despite how it sounds, this is not a contradiction of the last blog but a weird contradiction in thinking that used to really trip me up, and I’m sure, many other people as well.

In my early days back in Sydney Film School, I used to happily pay though the nose to hire a studio, equipment and crew but I was outraged at the cost of using professional actors. I would pay the extra money for the two-hundred-and-twenty-seventh change to the edit but I could not see the point of hiring a professional sound designer.

*forehead slap*

I’m not alone. I have been involved in quite a few productions where either the client or the creative has skimped in all the wrong areas. Sometimes people even go so far as to use their Aunty Penny (who is oh-so-very pretty) or their brother Phillip who used to do acting back in high school.

This decision can lead to a drastic blow out of production and editing time causing the whole experience to go over time and over budget… which makes everyone cranky.


It’s on…

I’m not saying that one must always use professional actors or that you need the best of everything. What I AM saying, is that if you are a business that made $2M in the last year, these videos could get you at conservative 20% Sales Increase when paired with a good customer experience. So if this video campaign is going to make you $200,000… why save on the $400 for a professional voice-over artist?


5 Mindset Mistakes that limit Creative Video Production

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Jeremy SchifflerMarch 2nd, 2012

I can appreciate this point, the dollar short cuts you make can end up sticking out like a sore thumb in the final product. A proper mindset is needed for spending; you don’t want people choking on the flaws and missing the otherwise good points of a production.

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