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February 8, 2012
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5 Mindsets that limit Creative Video Production #2

#2 – We’re only a small…

My attitude has always been, if you are a small business, an unsigned local band, etc, then your ideas should be bigger, not smaller.

My team here at Entendre Productions and I are always asking each other, “Could this take on Chuck Norris?” that is, how can we take the brief or concept and take it further. There is no traffic on the extra mile, and that is where you will be able to cut though the noise. Often however we come across people who have the mindset that an idea is too big for what it’s promoting.

Subsequently they are always turning down creative, affordable concepts because they think they are somehow too much as if these ideas were Godzilla and their customers were running though the streets of Tokyo screaming.


Giant creative video production


A great case study is Blendtec’s “Will It Blend.”Blendtec is a company that manufactures food blenders in the US. Whilst not a diminutive business, one video campaign has turned them into a house hold name.Tom (owner of Blendtec) decided to produce a series of home videos of him blending everyday household items to demonstrate the power of his product.



A simple video. Very easy to film and edit. Very low cost… great brand recognition.

It wasn’t long before fans were requesting the items they would like to see blended and to date the Blendtec videos have collectively received over 130 million viewings. As a result of this video campaign Blendtec sales increased 400%.

I’m not saying that every production should win an academy award and I acknowledge the simple truth that less is often more but if you are going to embrace the power of video production then why not take the opportunity to make your brand, band or artistic vision bigger!


5 Mindset Mistakes that limit Creative Video Production

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proofreadingApril 29th, 2012

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