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February 18, 2013
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4 Reasons to use Online Video

Video used to be a nice add-on feature for an e-commerce site, something a little different, maybe a little bit snazzy that could happily sit on your website. This is no longer the case. At this point in time, videos are almost required for any business that exists online. Having a video on your website creates brand identification – a human face for your company, increases conversion rates and drives traffic to your website. A video does not just need to sit on your website anymore, it can be shared on a number of social networks, video sharing sites and can be created into a number of video formats for any purpose you require.

Here are four reasons you should be using online video for your business.

1. Video Makes You Hang Around

A video on your website will decrease the bounce-back rate on your website (when a visitor immediately hits the ‘back’ button when they enter your website). Many major search engines have discovered that nearly 9 out of 10 visitors leave immediately, so that’s only 1 in 10 visitors stay. But what these search engines have discovered is that the rate drops to an average 60% when there is a video on the homepage, which means 4 out of 10 visitors staying if a video plays when they arrive. Did our video work on you?

Videos provide the visitor with a dynamic and interactive experience. Using videos can highlight promotions, provide tutorial, product demonstrations, promote services and can inform visitors about who you are and what you do. Videos give your business a human-touch, something to prove that you exist. If you currently have a text-driven website, imagine what you would do if you visited your own website, what would you think? Then imagine it with a video. Have a look at our website for an example.


2. Videos Increases Potential Sales & Revenue

Videos can play the role of a sales pitch and can convey more essential information in a much shorter amount of time. Videos are more engaging, persuasive and entertaining than reading text, which therefore encourages visitors to hang around on a page. The visitors gets ‘fed’ the information you want to deliver and they will digest the information more easily than text. Videos with clickable links can also direct visitors to the pages who want them to visit such as a product page or service page, providing you with the additional opportunities for you to increase sales and revenue.


3. Videos Increase Traffic To Your Website

With the right video marketing strategies and marketing, video can drive a huge amount of traffic to your website. You can optimise your video for search engines so that videos can drive traffic that might otherwise be directed elsewhere to your website. Nowadays, videos can be shared on a number of social networking websites and video sharing sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. On many of these websites you can put some information about your company and also links that direct viewers to your own website. So don’t think you need to limit your video only to your website. On many social networks you can post statuses to your ‘followers’ like on Twitter or Facebook and tell people about a new product or information about your services with a link to your video. A lot of video sharing sites, will allow you access to statistics and analytics to see how your video is doing – how many times it has been watched, who is watching and where it is being watched, this helps you work out who your target audience is.


4. Facts To Prove How Video Makes A Difference On Your Website

  •  90% of internet users back out of a text site within only 4 seconds, compared to 60% if a video is on the home page. That is a 400% increase if video is present.
  • Internet users linger for an average of 42 seconds on a text site versus 5:50 minutes on a video site. That is an amazing 833% increase if video is present.
  • Emarketer studied multiple product sites and concluded a 35% increase in sales conversions of products and services that had video demos, tours, or instructions instead of static pages.
  •, the record breaking online retailer with over $1 billion in sales, claims that products with video out sell products with static text and picture pages by over 35%.
  • claims a 45% increase in sales of video backed products versus static text pages.
  • Google (the world leading search engine, also the owner of YouTube) proved that webpages with video get higher search engine rankings.
  • Google polled thousands of random surfers 18-40 years of age and found: 78% said that video was far more influential to their buying decision than static pages. 64% of those polled said they took some kind of action because of the video either by forwarding the video, talking to friends and family about the video, going to a retail location to see the product itself or out right purchased the product or service online.

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