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January 8, 2013
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35mm Film Camera Log (Including Template)

A Camera Log is an excellent way to record camera and lighting data such as T-stops, film stock, film speed, meter readings and contrast ratios.

I realise that the majority of smaller projects out there have (unfortunately) moved from film to digital video production. If you are looking for the a similar template for digital video productions, please subscribe to our blog as we will be posting one shortly.

Camera & Lighting Log sheets are invaluable when you have to re-shoot or pick up additional shots later. They are also useful for archiving information which can be referenced in the future.

UPDATE: The Digital Film Camera Log can be found at


This sheet requires either filling in new information or circling data on the charts provided (a space is always left blank for your own entry).

Most categories are obvious, but note the following:

Lens T-Stop

This is the actual lens stop.

Meter Readings

This is where you plug in the value of your meter reading. This does not have to match the lens stop. For example, you may be using a pre-selected stop of T/2.8. You are shooting a night interior scene. You lower the intensity of your key light until you get T/2. This will give you “half-key” and an overall “night” feeling (as long as you print dailies one-light as opposed to “timed”).

Charts have been provided for readings in both footcandles and T-stops (you will be using one or the other depending on your meter). Also provided is a chart for reading set luminance values with your spot meter.


Two storyboard squares are included. The first is for an actual storyboard where the image is roughly what you see through the viewfinder (the small rectangle near the top of the page).

The other is intended for an aerial view. Here you can draw camera, actors, lights, etc. This is at the bottom of the page under “lighting diagram.”

Please find a sample Camera Log that I use on my love projects at the bottom of the page.


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35mm Film Camera Log
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