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Craig Newman
May 8, 2013
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“110 Colonel Pye Drive, Cobbity” Property Video by Entendre Productions

This is the second property video that Entendre Productions has done in partnership with iMAGECLOUD for Stuart Davies, from Ray White.

This property video was a lot of fun. It’s a beautiful spot down in Cobbity, about an hour south of Sydney, set on 120 acres of rolling green hills.

Those who know me or have worked with me know that my uniform, for lack of a better term, consists of black jeans, black long sleeve shirt and either a black suit jacket… or a black leather jacket. Yeah, I’m not a very colourful person. That said, in working with property photographers I’ve noticed that they all have an unofficial uniform as well; shorts and a collared polo shirt. So, since it was a hot day, I thought that I would be adventurous!

We spent the first 20 minutes of the shoot in knee-high grass getting the time-lapses and filming the dams and grounds. I have never been so itchy in my life.

That aside, it was a good property video shoot with lots of open, natural light in the rooms, open plan kitchen/dining/lounge room and good-sized bedrooms. The whole place had a feeling that there was some real country heart in the people who inhabit it. The owners were even nice enough to make me a sandwich!

I think what is often missing from other property videos that I see is just that, heart. Whilst it’s a good idea to hide photos of your family and friends, too often people also hide away the odd lamps, paintings and nik-naks that make a house a home.

Please comment…

What do you think of this property video?


Tiana JarvisMay 21st, 2013

Hey Craig, I really enjoyed the video. I had to have it on mute as i was in class so I dont no if there was any commintary. The only critique I can think of is that some of the room and house shots were very quick scenes if felt a bit rushed but that could also be because it is such a big property with lots to show in such a short amount of time. If I was buying Id definately be intrigued by this video and book for a viewing.

Craig NewmanMay 21st, 2013

Hi Tiana, thank you for the feedback! The pace of the videos has a lot to do with the voiceover and the feel that the real estate agent is after. I’ll pass the commentary on to the agent. Thank you!

Daniel GreyAugust 4th, 2013

Hi Craig, I felt the ad could of benefited from a new establishing shot when the voice over mentioned a new space. For example I would of liked to see the outside of the guest house to establish where it was in relation to the house. I also enjoy when a slider shot also pans as if I am traveling into the room.

Best Regards

Craig NewmanAugust 11th, 2013

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the feedback!

Kind regards,


Property Video for the recording studio “The Grove”March 10th, 2014

[…] The last time I tried to dress like a photographer and blend in a little more ended in disaster, in Cobbity, but I thought I would try again. And then there was the dam shot… standing in mud for 10 […]

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